Our Official Kids Club

When I was a little girl, I used to dream of becoming a fairy and
being a part of a kids club. One day, I closed my eyes and made a
wish and my wish came true!

I am now the Fairy Queen of our Kids Club and would like to welcome little fairies and pixies of all ages to become a part of A Sprinkle of Magic Kids Club.
As a member of our kids club you will be the rst to know about news and events at A Sprinkle of Magic as well as receive a membership card, welcome letter, birthday message from our fairies, quarterly newsletters and a 10% discount on birthday
parties, storytelling and discounts on our school holiday programs.

We aim to provide children with opportunities to meet new
friends, create and play during school holidays and other events
during the year and receive fun, creative ideas from us!

Memberships: $20.00 per year

To register complete our registration form below or email parties@asprinkleofmagic.com

We can't wait to share our club with you  https://secure.mrsitestore.com/usersitesv23/197832.mrsite.com/wwwroot/images/thumbs/0000000376730.jpeg


**To print the membership form, right click on the image, select save image. From the saved image you will be able to open and print**


To pay for memberships please click here

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