Jelly oranges with rainbow flair

First, wash 9 oranges and cut them in half. You can scoop them out and use the orange sections for a salad, or do it the cheater’s way with an electric juicer.


Voila! The orange cups are ready in just a couple minutes — and you get some freshly squeezed orange juice to boot! Put the orange cups into muffin tins so they sit upright and behave for you when you fill them with liquid gelatin.

Then start making the gelatin. Use whatever brand you want, but for rainbow wedges just like ours, you’ll need six flavors — lemon, orange, strawberry, lime, blueberry and grape. Rainbow-licious!

You can make the gelatin two colors at a time. Using 9 oranges (so 18 orange cups), you will have a lot of leftover gelatin. Refrigerated in covered containers for another time, but you could make lots more orange cups if you want and fill those too.

With a sharp knife, slice each cup into 3 or 4 wedges (depending on the size of your oranges and how big you want your wedges). 

So, what could be more awesome than this on a picnic table?