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  • Whatever you’re wrapping, from scooters and train sets to dolls houses and skipping ropes, here are some fun and playful ways to wrap your presents. Spend some time being a little creative with your wrapping and you’ll be surprised at how fun and easy it is. 

    Colourful ribbons
    These don’t have to be expensive and children won’t really notice whether you’ve chosen velvet or organza ribbon! Choose fun ribbon that matches your wrapping paper and if you are using curling ribbon don’t forget to pull the ribbon between your thumb and scissor blade to get some great curls.

    To achieve a perfect ‘bow’ the present really needs to be a box shape or have hard edges. Wrap a long piece of ribbon around the box lengthwise, and then twist the ribbon at lengthwise seam to wrap it around the box width-wise. Turn the box over so that the seamless side is facing up and tie the ribbon in a neat bow. Trim the excess length so that the bow sits neatly and curl the ends if necessary.

    Fun gift tags
    You can never have too many gift tags around the house but look out for some fun shaped tags that children will love. You can also choose shapes that fit with the birthday theme such as a blue star for a space party, pink flower for a princess or fairy party and red circle for a farm or circus party. Attach your gift tags to the centre of your bow.

    Gift boxes
    The great thing about gift boxes is that it makes wrapping all those awkward shaped presents much easier. If the box is quite a bit bigger than the gift, lightly scrunched up tissue paper works well as a base and you can then add more tissue paper to the sides to make the box feel full. Choose colourful tissue paper that matches the box and add a sprinkling of glitter or star confetti to give some extra glamour. Tie a neat bow around the box using ribbon and attach a little gift card. Children will also love reusing these gift boxes to store their other presents and favourite possessions.  Keep an eye open for some fun shapes such as star or heart shaped gift boxes.

    Gift bags
    Some presents are particularly awkward shapes to wrap so why not loosely wrap in tissue and pop into a colourful gift bag? Stuff the top with some more fun tissue paper, ideally in a different but complimentary colour, so the bag looks fun and full. For small gifts or cupcakes, little organza sacks or fabric party bags with a drawstring tie are a luxurious alternative to normal party bags and a fun keep-sake for after the party.

    Comics & Magazines
    For something a little bit different, you can wrap your child’s presents using their favourite comic paper or magazine. This looks really fun and colourful and is a great way to wrap your pass-the-parcel prize. It also means you can save the better quality paper for other presents.

    Wrapping Paper
    For a child’s birthday party, the wrapping paper has to be eye candy and full of colour. If you are having a themed party, choose wrapping paper that fits with the theme. Party Pieces have lots of great wrapping paper designs and they work well for pass the parcel games too. Box shaped presents are much easier to wrap and ensure the folds are crisp etc. Remember to measure the paper properly, so you don’t have too much excess, making it easier to handle and fold. For the sides, make sure the paper extends beyond the edge of the present but that it’s shorter than the height of the sides.

    Scissors and Sticky tape
    Sharp-bladed scissors make life much easier and allow you to cut the paper in one sweeping movement. Remember to use the scissor blades to curl curling ribbon or trim the ends of silk ribbon into a neat ‘v’. Use transparent tape and get yourself a desk-top tape dispenser, which is ideal if you have lots of presents or layers to wrap, such as in pass-the-parcel.

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    I love brown paper too. I once stamped eyoevrne's name letter by letter on the brown paper. When I say once I only did it one Christmas cos it took sooo long! I would love to learn how to do the music sheets or book print style paper this year. Looking forward to your next post! Xx
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